Giveaways (including linking to 3rd party codes) are permissible, … Maybe you can enlighten me. No selling, trading, or requests for goods or services - including accounts, bonus codes, tanks, or gold. One of the innovations are the marks of excellence / MOE WoT.. When you have less than 100 games on a tank, every game counts towards the marks, … Please let us know on which Tier X vehicle you need 3 Marks of Excellence Premium account 2 000 000 credits (silver) What tanks have you 3 marked and how hard was it? By purchasing this product you will get 3 Marks of Excellence ‘Gun Marks” on any Tier X tank you choose except for Artillery. About the service: WoT Marks of Excellence / MOE WoT. Since experience for battles is already taken into account by the system, the developers have added the possibility to take into account the high average damage on the tank with marks of excellence on the gun barrels. High stats and fast completion rates guaranteed. If a person wishes to know how to earn marks of excellence, he must know the criteria: One marks of excellence is issued to users who fall in 35% of the best WoT players using this tanks; Two marks of excellence - 15%; Three marks of excellence - 5%. What tanks have you 3 marked? Tick the box: Display Marks of Excellence Click OK. How They Work Marks of Excellence are _Violence_'s World of Tanks ASIA Blog Strv 103-0 - 3 Marks of Excellence Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; March 02, 2019 I underestimated the time needed to get the 3rd mark, I was stuck on 92% for a very long time. Historically, it was tank aces who got the marks on their guns, so requirements for acquiring them in World of Tanks are similarly high: getting basic marks requires a player break into the top 35% of players for a specific tank; second tier marks demand a top 15% finish, and ultimate marks are rewarded only to the top 5% of players. Advice on earning 3 Marks of Excellence (requested) - posted in General Discussion: Many tanks I play are in my garage because I really like playing them, go figure. In-game, press ESC. 1. Statistics is drawn and a player can get one, two or three. There might be less than 10 people on the ASIA server who holds the 3rd mark. Is it difficult to get 3 Marks of Excellence? We can take 3 marks of excellence on any tank, even on clan wars reward tanks. It was asked a couple of times but I only can find contradictory information about this here on the forums, so I am still confused. - posted in General Discussion: I have not a single 3 marked tank as of yet, but I have 2 on my 112 and was thinking of going for the 3rd, is getting 3 marks a hard task, and if anyone can answer this also, how hard would it be to 3 mark the 112? Go to Settings > General and scroll down. Marks of Excellence Calculation - posted in Newcomers Forum: Hi guys, I am fairly new to the game and heres something I dont get regarding MoE. Germany: 3 small white stripes per mark of excellence Japan: 1 red flag per mark of excellence United States: 1 white star per mark of excellence USSR: 1 red star per mark of excellence China: Same as USSR Sweden: 1 gold stripe per mark of excellence Italy: 1 white tank per mark of excellence United Kingdom: 1 white stripe per mark of excellence Other Contributors and even players started to give similar feedback, on how hard it would become to even get a single mark for specific tanks (Tier X), how Marks of Excellence at Tier X would become RNG dependent, etc.. Based on the feedback Wargaming has come to a decision: Ranked Battles and Epic Random Battles will no longer be counted for Gun Marks. I do not end up grinding much further than tier 6 on most lines as I really enjoy the dynamic and low cost tier 5-6 gameplay more than the high stakes, high tier matches. World of Tanks is an exciting, dynamic game. Estimated delivery time within 3 days During our gameplay, your statistics will be over 3000 WN8.