The hose has a wider end, which goes into the paint, and a narrower end, which connects to the nozzle. They're typically used for larger projects. A second benefit is that these airless paint sprayers can provide a cleaner, more smooth finish than their traditional counterparts. Since I first started small painting jobs on the side in high school and early college, I loved the chance to test out new tools and refine my painting skills. The most common types employ compressed gas—usually air—to atomize and direct the paint particles. When the trigger is pressed, a valve opens to allow paint to flow through the tip and onto the surface. You will have some overspray, which is unavoidable since the paint is literally floating in the air. Looking for something a bit more affordable? Also, this resilient sprayer can hold up for up to three times as long as others on the market, making it worth the price tag. Graco airless paint sprayers are designed and built in the United States of America using the highest-quality parts and backed by the industry’s leading warranty. Below are the best airless paint sprayers on the market. This is achieved by using an airless sprayer that pumps the paint under very high pressure, around 3000 psi, via a specialized hose into a small hole in the nozzle of the sprayer. Once your surface is painted, just make sure to properly clean your tool when it's out of use. A: An airless paint sprayer is a popular home improvement and professional tool that has many benefits over traditional paint brushes and rollers. It’s ideal for large projects or painters who use up to 500 gallons of paint a year. By propelling paint using a pump and a hose, airless paint sprayers allow you to paint large surfaces quickly, efficiently and smoothly. Painting has always been more than just a hobby in my life. The handle and cart make mobility comfortable. When the trigger is pressed, a valve opens to allow paint to flow through the tip and onto the surface. They are also best for exterior tasks like decks and fences. through the air onto a surface. This professional-grade product has a .70 horsepower pump that can distribute up to .33 gallons each minute, and the extra-large wheels make it super easy to move around and cover more expansive areas. This sprayer is easy to use, lightweight, portable, exceedingly efficient, and suitable for at-home projects of all sizes. Using an airless sprayer, you can hope to paint a surface at least twice as fast as if you were using a traditional roller. It will not hurt the machine. And second, if you want a glass-smooth finish on woodwork or … The next model in our list of best airless paint sprayer is the Graco Magnum 25 7025. as you know Graco is a well-known company with a range of paint sprayers may buy it. However, airless paint sprayers are not created equal and every type of task requires different features. It can be used with unthinned latex paints and other stains to coat walls, ceilings, porches, fences, sheds, garage doors—you name it. In fact, it became much more than a hobby - I used it to pay my way through college and then some while I was looking for jobs after I graduated. Airless Paint Sprayer. An airless paint sprayer is an excellent tool to have around the home for anyone needs to do a lot of painting in a short amount of time. ", "Delivers an even coat of paint with less pressure than other airless sprayers. For a stationary paint sprayer, you might consider the Wagner Control Pro 130 Power Tank Airless Stand Paint Sprayer. These sprayers use atomization too- but they archive it in another way. An Airless sprayer is usually more suitable for large surface areas and in nearly all cases it is a practical solution for interior wall paint (latex). Example of the latter: Graco TrueCoat Pro Cordless. Paint spitting from your airless spray gun when you pull the trigger or release the airless spray gun trigger can be annoying and ruin your airless paint spray job. Versatility: Airless sprayers can be used for a wide range of coating materials, including interior and exterior jobs, and can easily be transported from job site to job site. Don't get scammed by a louse painter, get a free quote from one of the professionals in our pre-vetted network. There are a couple of different types of airless sprayers on the market, and all of them have their own various benefits. With an HEA system, you can count on reduced overspray and a smooth, even finish. These devices are powerful tools, not toys. Pressure The more power your machine has, the faster the paint will spray. When you feel you've learned enough, you can get out there and start using one of the best tools in the painting industry. Spray painting and painting projects can be simplified and you can produce a much more smooth finish when you switch to an airless spray gun. They also usually have very long hoses so you can stretch them farther without having to move the airless sprayer anywhere. It will not hurt the machine. A typical pneumatic paint sprayer will use built up air pressure from an air compressor the do the same task. How Does an Airless Paint Sprayer Work? Also, cleanup is easy—all you have to do is flush the gravity-fed hose with water and rinse the sprayer. A spray tip simply clicks into the paint gun so you can easily change it for thicker or thinner paint. 519 Reversible Airless Paint Spray Tip. HVLP Spray Gun Liners, 10 Pk. So as you get into this level of work, you may ask yourself "how the heck does this thing work?". It is a very quick process of painting a surface that is much more efficient than doing it with the help of a hand held brush. We asked our testers to consider the most important features when using this airless paint sprayer, from its hose length to its pressure. As we mentioned earlier – HVLP sprayers use air after the paint has left the nozzle to create atomization. The paint does not need to be diluted when placed in the machine, and the sprayer operates at a rate of 0.23 gallons per minute. It is a very quick process of painting a surface that is much more efficient than doing it with the help of a hand held brush. Well, luckily for you we created this guide to answer that question! Read More >> How to Clean a Graco Airless Paint Sprayer? $ 0 99. It is an incredible feature of the new age handheld airless paint sprayers, as the material wastage problem is solved with these paint sprayers. The detailed description of the three types about the way they work, their uses, and demerits are described below in this article. It has the capacity to handle a hose length of 75 ft, though it comes with a 25 ft long hose when you purchase it. If your Graco airless sprayer is equipped with SmartControl or other Electronic Pressure Control, you can use even a shorter one such as a 15' hose if you wanted to.