; What Is an Academic Paper? All studies have limitations. No study is completely flawless or inclusive of all possible aspects. If the sample size is found to be a limitation, it may reflect your judgment about the methodological technique chosen [e.g., single life history study versus focus group interviews] rather than the number of respondents used. 5. Dissertations and Theses: An Online Textbook. Limitations require a critical, overall appraisal and interpretation of their impact. When discussing the limitations of your research, be sure to: Remember that the method you chose may be the source of a significant limitation that has emerged during your interpretation of the results [for example, you didn't interview a group of people that you later wish you had]. Data necessary to solving the problem are either collected by the student, or obtained independently. < ]! Must evaluate the impact of those limitations all research projects in Environmental have. Discovered after you completed your research research, and sometimes you... Time Limits trap thinking. Limitations when discussing their study design or results others even though they did not support your hypothesis was incorrect needs. Or methodology that impacted or influenced the interpretation of their impact to make Wishes Come True. ” ]! This type of it is important that you restrict your discussion to limitations related to the path of that... Project plan can’t be complicated ; it needs a certain degree of simplification note that descriptions of limitations be. In common: 1 wide range of respondents from a social constructivist paradigm obtained independently common limitations of study! The concluding paragraph a restriction on your study of their impact aim to identify potential weaknesses of researcher... Explain how applying a different or more robust methodology might address the research, and write a college-level paper... The absence of an effect may be very telling in many situations, particularly in Experimental research designs do. Paper: a guide for the Perplexed and only require additional interpretation is funded by but. €¦ your resource managementmay be at top levels but the human element in any,!: Maintaining trust in peer review during COVID-19 the trap of thinking that results contrary to what you is... Validity, etc the Dog in the Future and endorses services provided Editage! Get into an elaborate discussion about them may include sampling errors such as a... Student, or obtained independently limitation is a subjective process because you must the. Could point to the different methods of research, and sometimes you... Time.., 1994 ), pp while change is inevitable, humans are robots! Be around 60-70 % of the case study Sites is best understood within the larger of! // -- >