First let us see the nutritional value of white quinoa. While it has a similar texter to white and red quinoa varieties, it tends to have … You will come across black rice in Indian cuisine but they call it as chak-h… It too has 170 calories per 1/4 – cup serving of uncooked quinoa. Pretty neat specials going on with @QuintaQuinoa across Canada. Quinoa seeds come in many varieties and different colors. The following information and nutrition fact values and amounts are based on 1 cup (170g) of cooked quinoa. Hope this answers your question! One of the more significant drawbacks to using white rice for a meal is that is has fewer essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals—even enriched white rice has less of what the body needs than other grain types like quinoa. Protein. Black also boasts the most fibre, offering an impressive 7g as opposed to either 3.5 or 4.9. In South America the three most commonly cultivated and consumed are the red, white and black varieties. And if you can’t decide between the different colours, you can always combine them all for a colourful meal! Why does your product have so much more iron and magnesium than the other products listed? You can try using black quinoa in salads, soups, stews, or as a side dish. It has an overall richer taste and a slightly chewier texture compared to white quinoa. The seed is loved for its slightly crunchy and chewy texture, nutty taste and high nutritional value. Varieties of quinoa include white, red, and black. Black: Needs 5 to 10 minutes longer to cook compared to white quinoa, it’s also the crunchiest. Get your loved ones the gift of locally sourced products this Holiday Season! Two of the most notable being black and red. Healthy eaters love a great grain debate. Of all the varieties of quinoa available, black quinoa is the least common due to the fact that it is produced in lower quantities in South America, where quinoa originates. Both barley and quinoa have excellent nutritional … And, white rice has roughly 15 times the carbohydrates and 40 more calories than quinoa does. Since it is gluten free, it is a good source of protein for those with gluten intolerance and who avoid dairy products like vegans. Generally, quinoa is consumed as a grain in higher quantities and chia is usually added to smoothies, oatmeal, or other foods so a smaller amount is consumed. They have different textures and for sure a different appearance on the plate. Phone. Check out the side-by-side view of the nutritional facts tables of red, white and black quinoa compared to Quinta Quinoa at the bottom of this blog! Rather, it will simply add a nutty texture and flavor while soaking up the flavor of the seasonings. Now that you're convinced to stock up, use the seed in our tasty, healthy quinoa recipes. When cooked, quinoa is soft and fluffy, with a slightly nutty taste. is there a difference? Black quinoa is the least commonly used as it is the most difficult to find, and production of it in South America is less than white and red varieties. Nutritional Value. Quinoa is touted as a gluten-free grain—and usually, it … : Calorie breakdown: 18% fat, 66% carbs, 16% protein. Quinoa, on the other hand, cooks in about 10-15 minutes, regardless of the variety chosen. Of all the quinoa varieties, white quinoa boasts the lightest flavor. They differ from each other and from our Quinta Quinoa in many elements such as taste, texture, cooking time and nutritional content. Fiber helps prevent constipation, helps control blood sugar levels, and may help lower cholesterol. It also cooks quicker and less crunchy than the other varieties. While we all know that quinoa is highly nutritious, there are some nutritional differences between red, black, white varieties and Quinta Quinoa. All Rights Reserved,,,,,,, To see if color made a difference, we put together batches of our quinoa pilaf recipes (see related content) using all three types. It is said to abound in vitamin B and phosphorous. However, the white, red, and black seeds are the most commonly harvested for consumption. While the differences between red, white and black quinoa varieties are subtle, Quinta Quinoa is still nutritionally superior to all current commercial varieties. There are slight differences in cooking times and chewiness; white quinoa , which you will most often find in stores, is the mildest and … Quinoa was labeled as a superfood because it has so many nutritional benefits. Before we look into some of the more subjective qualities (such as taste and suitability for recipes) let’s look at the nutritional info for all 3 varieties. Black Quinoa Roland 1/4 cup 160 calories 30 grams carbs 2.5 grams fat 6 grams protein 2 grams fiber 0 mg cholesterol 0 grams saturated fat 10 mg sodium 2 grams sugar 0 grams trans fat cup Nutrition … Ordinarily black quinoa is highest in fibre with a one-cup serving having 5 grams of fibre however; Quinta Quinoa has 6g of fibre in a quarter cup! So, if you are in rush, quinoa or pearled barley may be the best option. Nov 11-14 – ($3 OFF – code QUINTA2020) : And Quinoa makes an amazing healthy high-protein substitute for rice and other grains in any meal. Choosing a quinoa colour for your recipe can depend on personal preferences, the flavour profile you are looking for and the availability of colour in your area. By the way I love your product. Quinoa Nutrition: Benefits, Calories, Warnings and Recipes | Even though black has more fiber content, it's not a huge difference. The varieties of quinoa most widely available are distinguished by their color -- white, red or black. Compared to the common white quinoa variety, red quinoa has a heavier texture to it, which allows it to hold up pretty well when cooked or added to cold salads and recipes. Nov 12-25 – @CalgaryCoop @Co We do not currently sell quinoa flakes however you can purchase them at most major grocery stores or at Bulk Barn. Bring water to a boil (2 parts water for 1 part quinoa), then add quinoa. Katan Kitchens First, there's the question about whether the food category as a whole is nutritious., Hello, I purchased your Quinta Quinoa, but your receipe for Double-check the label if you're gluten-free. On October 13th and 14th #Amazon is celebrating #PrimeDay2020! Learn about the varieties of quinoa here. Quinta Quinoa has been naturally bred (Non-GMO) to obtain a higher-nutrient product. There are several varieties of quinoa that grow in many colours. References Some of us get confused when it comes to measuring food, so we thought we would share... You can find this amazing holiday #local basket at select @sobeys and Foodland stores in Ontario! Quinoa vs. oats: nutrition. var now = new Date(); White quinoa provides 4 grams per serving. It can also be made into flour, flakes and various foods l… Quinoa Varieties: Quinoa comes in three main varieties – white, red, and black. Red quinoa has a heavier texture compared to white, and also has a more prominent flavour that is often described as “nutty”. It holds its color just as well as red quinoa, making it a great ingredient to add to any recipe if you’re looking for a stunning black color in your dish. Having said that, it is highest in carbohydrate content, potentially offering the best energy-kick to those looking for a boost. Nutrition values of white quinoa. Quinoa is considered a superfood that is on par with whole grains in terms of nutritional composition and health benefits. Quinoa vs Oatmeal Nutrition Facts A serving size of 100 grams of quinoa contains around two grams of fat , while oatmeal contains about seven grams . So glad to hear that you enjoy our product! One of the great benefits of red quinoa that can separate it from the rest is that it has a very high concentration of lysine, which is an important amino acid that aids in the formation and repair of brain cells. While similar in texture to red quinoa, black quinoa has an “earthier” flavour and tends to taste sweeter than white quinoa. #Sobeyslookforlocal. Our organoleptic tests at Quinta have revealed that the Quinta seed variety requires less water to be cooked to the same consistency as other white quinoa varieties. Both have some great minerals and vitamins, and both have good fiber content, but quinoa is slightly higher in fiber. Typically, all three quinoa colours have similar protein content, although our Ontario grown Quinta Quinoa surpasses all commercial varieties with 10g of protein per 50g (1/4 cup) serving. (Spoiler alert: Yes, very!) As far as flavor goes, red quinoa is commonly described as having a “nutty” or “earthy” flavor to it. Compared With Rice, Quinoa Can Help Keep You Fuller for Longer. White quinoa is the most common variety but you can also choose from red quinoa and black quinoa. (519) 856-2296 | 1-844-870-2491, © Copyright A lack of … However, the fats contained in oatmeal are healthy fats that include 111 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids, and 2,424 milligrams of omega-6 fatty acids. Both brown and white rice have small amounts of protein, clocking in at between four and … Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) has recently become popular in the United States as a nutritional powerhouse. It’s not organic because we add nitrogen to the soil, but there are no pesticides registered for quinoa and we test it to make sure there is no pesticides. Happy #PrimeDay! Oats (Avena sativa) is a type of grain, specifically, the edible seeds of oat grass. Hi Shirley, Foods high in the above-mentioned nutrients, contribute to a healthy digestive system, strong bones and muscles and healthy oxygen circulation! This texture makes red quinoa a great cold salad ingredient! Quinoa is a grain-like seed that originates from the Andes in South America but is now available for sale in grocery and health food stores. You will commonly find black rice referred to as purple rice, because it turns dark purple upon cooking. The difference between the two colors from a nutritional standpoint is very small., but it does exist. Cooking Quinoa: Rinse the quinoa to remove saponin, the natural bitter coating. But did you know that there are other varieties as well? Compared to many other grains, quinoa has more: While the differences between red, white and black quinoa varieties are subtle, Quinta Quinoa is still nutritionally superior to all current commercial varieties. White quinoa is also a good source of dietary fiber. White quinoa is actually a bit more tan than white, so sometimes it’s called tan quinoa, ivory quinoa, golden quinoa, yellow quinoa, blond quinoa, or just quinoa. However, if equal amounts in question; then go for the fiber and omega-3 rich chia seeds! In fact, there are several others aside from white. This rice variety is traditionally used in Asian cultures but it has become common across the globe as well. Quinoa flakes are essentially quinoa seeds rolled/ flattened into a thin flake very similar to rolled oats. Then there's the … “Wild rice and black rice are actually much more similar to quinoa than white rice,” she says. As a result, people have been quick to flock to it, looking for an alternative to rice. While it has a similar texter to white and red quinoa varieties, it tends to have an earthier flavor with a slightly sweeter taste than the others. Of the three colours, it also has the lightest texture and is fluffier than the other colours once cooked. It also maintains its red colour after cooking, so if you are looking to add some colour to a dish, red quinoa can be a great addition. White quinoa seeds too are rich in protein. It also offers the most protein at 16.2g per 100g. It is non-GMO. It also retains its red coloring after cooking, which makes it a great option to choose if you’re looking to add a bit of color to your dishes. One major distinction of black quinoa that separates it from the rest is that it is the only variety that contains lithium, which is known to be effective as a medication for mania, mood swings, depression, blood disorders, and eating disorders. Find out all about quinoa nutrition facts and the benefits of quinoa. Quinoa 101. Fill in your name and email below to get regular updates and special offers from Quinta Quinoa. To help you choose the best alternative, here is a comparison between quinoa and oatmeal. It’s relatively high in calories but low in both fibre and protein. One cup of quinoa contains 5 … White quinoa also cooks quicker and is less crunchy than other coloured varieties. Since it has a high nutrient content and is low in fats, quinoa can be substituted for white grains that have high carbohydrate content. We often get questions from consumers on what the differences in colour mean for them – is there different nutritional value, flavour, cooking directions, etc.? Are these in your product naturally? Of all the varieties of quinoa available, black quinoa is the least common due to the fact that it is produced in lower quantities in South America, where quinoa originates. \"The yellowish pods are the seed of a plant called Chenopodium quinoa, native to Peru and related to beets, chard and spinach,\" wrote Nicole Spiridakis in a story for NPR. The most common ‘white’ quinoa takes the shortest amount to cook and has the mildest flavor and crunchy texture, while the ‘red’ quinoa is known to be rich in flavor and crunch. The first thing that you will read about when finding out the nutritive values of white quinoa is that it is a complete source of protein, containing all required amino acids. Thank you. We are working towards having Quinta Quinoa available on in the next couple months, stay tuned! Let’s look at the difference in nutritional value, flavor, cooking procedures and more. The Katan Kitchens team has conducted extensive research trials over the past five years to determine that white or golden quinoa, like our own Quinta variety, grows best in Ontario soils. The primary difference the colors is the texture and the ways that you use them. When added as an ingredient in recipes, its light flavor means it will not overpower the other ingredients. So we set out to set the record straight! Email. Black quinoa also contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The heavy texture of red quinoa allows it to hold up very well when cooked. Therefore, it is sometimes called tan quinoa, golden quinoa, yellow quinoa, ivory quinoa, blonde quinoa, or simply quinoa (since it is the most common variety). Black quinoa appears to have the lowest calorie count (356) and the highest fat count (7.1) per 100g. Iron is what your body relies on to transport oxygen throughout your body. Here are the nutrition facts of red and white quinoa from the same company. One cup of quinoa contains 5 grams of dietary fiber, which is more than white or brown rice. There are plenty of black rice varieties available on the market, including the most popular ones such as Indonesian black rice and Thai Jasmine black rice.